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Young Sponge
Created by Kidboy
Original run Sunday 12th July 2015 - present
Genre Spin-off/Shorts
# of seasons 3 (ordered)

'Young Sponge' is a series of shorts about a young SpongeBob discovering new things. So one day he might be riding a bike or flying in a helicopter, who knows? This spin-off is solely done by Kidboy24 and airs on Nick Junior. Each episode lasts for two or three minutes.



Season One

  • Restraunts - SpongeBob is taken to The Krusty Krab for dinner and learns how everything works.
  • The Water Cycle - SpongeBob is dropped off at Herb's house who takes him and Patrick down to the lake.
  • Rescue! - SpongeBob visits the Fire Station and is in for a treat when a snail is stuck up a tree!
  • Amigos Forever - SpongeBob and Patrick are best friends. Or atleast they were...

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