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Working Overtime


Release Date
June 27, 2014

Working Overtime is the thirteenth episode in Season 1 of SpongeToons. It is a fan episode made by Ghastlyop, which in turn began his tenure writing for the spin-off series.


SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs and Squidward become fatigued in the afternoon and sleep. When they wake up, they find the Krusty Krab has been changed by a mysterious customer. But, worst of all, the Krabby Patty formula is gone, and Plankton didn't take it! It was either SpongeBob or Squidward. SpongeBob checks through his pockets, and it's not there, and Squidward checks his workplace and it is still not there. SpongeBob asks if Mr. Krabs had hidden it, and the truth is revealed to be Patrick and Gary?


  • This is the third fan episode.
  • The original release date was June 21 but was delayed to June 27.
  • This is the last episode before the five-episode season finale.
  • The title "Working Overtime" was only chosen to not give away spoilers for the episode, there was 6 original titles.


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