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Series:the three girls of Bikini Bottom


(Scene starts in Sandy s tree)

Sandy:SpongeBob that dosnt go there!

SpongeBob:sorry Sandy just let me do this and

Sandy:no SpongeBob!

(Sandy s machine blows up)

Sandy:oh SpongeBob!

SpongeBob:yes Sandy ?

Sandy:get out!

SpongeBob:sorry Sandy Ill go

  • SpongeBob runs out of the treedome*

Sandy:oh SpongeBob*sighs*I need to be with some other ladies its just boys boys boys all day sure I do realy like SpongeBob but its just not well you all know he's hard work*Sandy looks in the yellow pages*hey what's all this mrs Puffs boating school?a mrs?Im going!

  • scene goes into mrs Puffs boating school*

Mrs Puff:ok class today we will be learning how to drive a boat*whispers*like that's different not*stops whispering*ok class who knows how to start a boat?

SpongeBob:I know I know I know!

Mrs Puff:someone else for once

Nat Peterson:Uh I think I know

Mrs Puff:ok nat

Nat Peterson:I think it is

  • Sandy burst in through the door*

Mrs Puff:of course

Sandy:uh who's mrs Puff here?

SpongeBob:I know I know I know

Sandy:well SpongeBob?

Mrs Puff:oh just look around the class Im the only women in here and the only teacher here

Sandy:I want to team up 3 ladies from Bikini Bottom

Mrs Puff:lunch time

SpongeBob:but the bell hasn't gone of

Mrs Puff:lunch time!

  • every one runs out*

SpongeBob:mrs Puff but its still school

Mrs Puff:SpongeBob out!

  • SpongeBob runs out*

Sandy:so this is your school?

Mrs Puff:yes it's realy not much to look at

Sandy:I know I know I know it's just one room

Mrs Puff:so what are you here for again?

Sandy:Im trying to team up 3 ladies from Bikini Bottom up

Mrs Puff:oh ok Ill join

Sandy:good you all follow me I might know where a ladie might be

  • at the Krusty Krab*

Squidward:mr Krabs this is silly SpongeBobs at school today

Mr Krabs:Ill cook then but only for a minute

Squidward:what about a day?

Mr Krabs:oh mr Squidward why must SpongeBob not get his licence

Squidward:I don't know ask him tomorrow

Mr Krabs:ok Ill see if my back up will come

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