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Untold Secrets is the tenth episode overall in Tales of Dawn and the fifth episode of Season 2. In this episode, Savantia is hiding a secret; she is pregnant with twins. A suspicious Dawn investigates changes going on with her while the queen tries to keep her secret from Esa.


  • Dawn
  • Triton
  • Savantia
  • Esa
  • Pallas


Months have passed since Dawn attempted to run away, and things seemed to be normal minus Esa visiting every week. Dawn's resentment for her still remained, yet she at least tolerated her presence. However, despite the normality in her new home, she could not help but notice something off about Savantia in the recent months,

One evening when going down for a glass of water, Dawn spotted Savantia eating a strange combination of foods. Savantia excused it as her testing out different foods together to see how they tasted out of curiosity, yet Dawn was skeptical. Another instance came when Savantia started crying uncontrollably after looking through Pallas' baby pictures, the nostalgia making her overemotional. Finally, and most obviously, her stomach was beginning to grow. All this aroused suspicion from Dawn and Pallas. They soon decided to investigate the matter.

Triton already knew the answer when the symptoms became obvious, honestly feeling freaked out from the way Savantia's stomach moved. Savantia admitted that she had to tell her daughters sooner or later that she was pregnant with twins, but she was afraid of what Esa might think or even do if she ever found out. Triton assured her that nothing would happen to their twins (and that he would personally throw Esa into the Underworld if she tried to hurt them).

When Savantia went to the kitchen to satisfy her cravings later that evening, Dawn and Pallas stopped her, demanding answers for how she was acting. Before Savantia could come up with an excuse, her stomach started glowing different colors. Pallas was amazed while Dawn started freaking out at the sight (even though at the same time finding the sight awesome), calling for Triton. When he came down, hearing his daughter's calls, he was shocked by what was happening.

After finally calming down, everyone gathered in the room, Savantia admitting her pregnancy. She explained that she was afraid of Esa's reaction, but Dawn assured her that, despite her resentment, her mother would not harm her children. The two girls left, Triton and Savantia alone in bed. When the king tried to kiss her stomach and ended up getting his nose kicked, he immediately grounded the twins until they come out of their mother.

Little did they know someone was watching them, someone who was slowly submitting to her rage...



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