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Ultimate Sponge is a spin-off created by SuperFanon'D! and Spongetastic Productions where SpongeBob goes on "adventures"- that put himself in danger, put someone else in danger, or REALLY annoys someone.

Note: This spin-off is private to SuperFanon'D!. If you have an idea, please post it on his chat wall. Also, you can post title cards on his wall, too.

Season 1

Season 1 had only 13 episodes at first, but then its order was doubled due to high appraisal. Due to more high appraisal, 13 more episodes were given to Season 1, making it have 39 episodes. It started January 26, 2014, and ended February 21, 2015. It will be released on DVD March 15, 2015. A preview for season 1 was released on December 15, 2013. Most episodes aired at 7:00 P.M, except for "Evil Sponge" which was at 8:30 as part of a special event.

Episode Number Title Description Airdate Writer
1. "SpongeBob's Adventure" SpongeBob goes on an "adventure" to Glove Universe, but goes to Rock Bottom instead by accident. January 26, 2014 SuperFanon'D!
2. "Hungry Patrick" Patrick runs out of food, and is left without any for 4 days. He then tries to find something to eat - but he can't buy anything since he's broke! February 2, 2014 SuperFanon'D!
3. "Krusty Kaper" The Krusty Krab mysteriously disappears, and Mr. Krabs sends Squidward and SpongeBob to find it. February 9, 2014 SuperFanon'D!
4. "Treedome Spyer" Sandy notices someone's been spying on her treedome at night! February 16, 2014 SuperFanon'D!
5. " Mining Mines" Plankton fools SpongeBob into mining to give him rare crystals, but SpongeBob mines in a mine field! February 23, 2014 SuperFanon'D!
6. "SpongeBob SecretPants - Part One" SpongeBob is hiding a secret, and Patrick and Squidward team up to find out what it is! March 15, 2014 SuperFanon'D!
7. "SpongeBob SecretPants - Part Two" Sandy discovers SpongeBob's secret after Squidward and Patrick tell them, who don't understand his secret. March 22, 2014 SuperFanon'D!
8. "Esponja Definitiva" Another sponge, who is Mexican, is mistaken for SpongeBob, which causes problems. March 29, 2014 SuperFanon'D!
9. "Lost Sponge" When SpongeBob and Sandy go missing, the Krusty Krab goes downhill, so Mr.Krabs forces Squidward to make a toy company. Meanwhile, Patrick tries to find SpongeBob and Sandy. April 4, 2014 SuperFanon'D!
10. "Deja Vu" SpongeBob plays around with Plankton's machines - and finds the Dejavu - inator, which sends SpongeBob through time! April 11, 2014 SuperFanon'D!
11. "Double Trouble" SpongeBob promises to go to Goo Lagoon alone with Patrick. But he also promised the same thing to Sandy, and must ask for help from Larry. Meanwhile, Mr.Krabs notices Squidward and SpongeBob aren't there, and everyone's coming to the Krusty Krab today! April 18, 2014 SuperFanon'D!
12. "Gary Day" Gary doesn't feel appreciated, so SpongeBob creates a new holiday - Gary Day! April 25, 2014 SuperFanon'D
13. "Jelly Bits" A new cereal - Jelly Bits - title makes SpongeBob think they're made of jellyfish! SpongeBob then tries to ban the cereal. May 2, 2014 SuperFanon'D!
14. "Driver's License" SpongeBob becomes afraid of Ms.Puff's boating course because he thinks he'll fail again. So he takes lessons from Patrick, and "passes". May 9, 2014 SuperFanon'D!
15. "Musical Sponge" SpongeBob wants to impress Sandy by learning how to play an instrument. But SpongeBob gets too good, and becomes famous. May 16, 2014


16. "The Seastar Who Fell To Earth" An alien variant of Patrick falls to Earth, and wreaks havoc everywhere. The only one who can stop him is SpongeBob! May 23, 2014


17. "Plankton Tales: The Snail And Sponge Races" Plankton reads aloud a story from the book,"Plankton Tales", about a race between SpongeBob and Gary. June 27, 2014 SuperFanon'D!
18. "Pet Panic" Patrick wants to have a pet after becoming jealous of Gary, so Patrick tries to get one. The only problem is - Patrick is broke, and can't buy one! So he must get one from the wild. July 8, 2014 SuperFanon'D!
19. "Pollution!" Bikini Bottom's water becomes polluted. Mr.Krabs suspects Plankton did it, while SpongeBob and Patrick look for the source before it's too late! July 15, 2014 SuperFanon'D!
20. "Unwanted Suprise" SpongeBob and his friends throw a suprise birthday party for Squidward. Meanwhile, Plankton attempts to steal the Krabby Patty Formula, since nobody is at the Krusty Krab. July 22, 2014 SuperFanon'D!
21. "Hypno Sponge" Squidward threatens SpongeBob and Patrick to do everything he says or else after they annoy him one step off his nerves. After Squidward goes overboard with it, SpongeBob and Patrick find a way to hypnotize Squidward so they don't have to do everything he says. July 29, 2014 SuperFanon'D!
22. "Cyber Rush" Sandy accidentally transports SpongeBob into a computer that has a virus, meaning SpongeBob may be deleted! Can he get out before the virus takes over? August 25, 2014 SuperFanon'D!
23. "Just Desserts" Mr.Krabs makes a new menu item - Krabby Patty flavored ice cream! September 7, 2014 SuperFanon'D!
24. "The Diary Of A Snail" Gary's diary entries are shown. September 14, 2014 SuperFanon'D!
25. "Super Sponge" SpongeBob decides he wants to be a superhero. September 21, 2014



"Spongey Dreams"

Sandy tests an experiment on SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward - what are they dreaming about? September 28, 2014 SuperFanon'D!
27. "'The Amazing Maze Escape" Squidward, SpongeBob, and Patrick are stuck in a labyrinth. November 9, 2014 SuperFanon'D!
28. "The Magic Of Nobody Caring" Squidward, with the help of King Neptune's magic wand, magically makes it so that nobody cares about SpongeBob. Meanwhile, King Neptune realizes Squidward has his wand. November 16, 2014 SuperFanon'D!
29. "Sponge Man And Patrick Boy: The Plankton Mystery" SpongeBob pretends to be Mermaid Man, while Patrick pretends to be Barnacle Boy. Together, they find out where the secret Krabby Patty Formula went! Plankton.... November 23, 2014 SuperFanon'D!
30. "Never Tell Me The Odds" For once, Squidward fufills his dreams - he's a professional clarinet player! And meanwhile, SpongeBob catches the rarest jellyfish! November 30, 2014 SuperFanon'D!
31. "Freaky Sponge Day" After SpongeBob and Squidward argue that each other have it easy, they mysteriously swap bodies! December 13, 2014 SuperFanon'D!
32. " A Jolly Spongy Christmas" It's Christmas in Bikini Bottom, and boy, does SpongeBob have some plans for it! December 25, 2014 SuperFanon'D!
33. "Squiddy's Best Day" Squidward goes on a vacation to Ukelele Bottom. January 7, 2015 SuperFanon'D!
34. "Evil Sponge" SpongeBob becomes evil, and unites with Plankton! Meanwhile, Patrick creates an army to stop SpongeBob and Plankton. January 14, 2015 SuperFanon'D!
35. "Flight Of The Sponge" SpongeBob and Patrick attempt to fly. Meanwhile, Squidward must work a very dull day at the Krusty Krab. January 21, 2015 SuperFanon'D!
36. "Spongollo 13" SpongeBob tries to go to the moon. January 28, 2015 SuperFanon'D!
37. "SpeedyBob FastPants" SpongeBob suddenly posesses the power of super-speed. Sandy attempts to remove his power, however. February 7, 2015 SuperFanon'D!
38. "Hearts And Rainbows" It's Valentine's Day, and SpongeBob decides to send a valentine to Sandy. February 14, 2015 SuperFanon'D!
39. "Plankton Tales: SpongeBob And The Beanstalk" Plankton tells another tale from Plankton Tales, and this time, SpongeBob climbs up a beanstalk leading to a world of giants! February 21, 2015 SuperFanon'D!

Season 2

After the amazing hit of the pilot, the season was not just doubled, but the series was given another season to release sometime in late 2014, and was pushed to mid-2015 due to the new addition of 26 episodes to Season 1. However, it aired in late March 2015, due to fans resisting a 4-month hiatus that would have otherwise occured. To kickstart the season, a marathon called "Ultimate Sponge Ultimate Episodes" released, airing a new episode every day for 5 days.


Here are the awards for this show. If you would like to put one here, tell SuperFanon'D! on his chat wall with the award picture you want here, and it'll be posted!


  • Despite the pilot was so popular, no awards were given to it until a while later.
  • Episode 8 of season 1's title translates to the series' title name in English.
  • Oddly, no Season 1 episodes aired in October. This is possibly because of early plotting of Season 2, since Spongetastic Productions thought they would run out of ideas by then.
  • Ultimate Sponge has wild reviews from fans, and 11 seasons were confirmed, but all seasons have 39 episodes, making it the second largest spin-off behind SpongeBob's Greatest Adventures by about  730 episodes.


  • February 2: Hungry Patrick will air today at 7:00 P.M. US standard time.

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