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Two to None is the fourteenth episode of Tales of Dawn and the second episode of Season 3.In this episode,the newborn twins, Anasterian and Anastasia, were kidnapped by a mysterious blue-haired merman named Sariel who has released Esa from her place of incarceration.


  • Dawn
  • Leon
  • Pallas
  • Triton
  • Savantia
  • Neptune
  • Anastasia
  • Anasterian
  • Esa
  • Sariel


Dawn groggily woke up on the island after being knocked unconscious by Sariel, Pallas and Leon looking down at her. Knowing that they found what they came for, they decided to return to the palace and let Savantia and Triton know what they found.

However, when they arrived, they are shocked to discover that the twins were missing. As they told their parents about the merman they met and his name, Savantia looked terrified. She revealed that Sariel used to be her boyfriend and that he had been known to do anything it took to win her attention. Upon his mention, Sariel appeared, taunting the parents about their twins and revealing he kidnapped them before Dawn stood up to him, demanding to know where her mother was. He chuckled, saying that either Savantia becomes his before tonight, or the twins would suffer.

After he disappeared, Triton and Savantia were at a loss on what to do. Dawn looked down, feeling hopeless. While their parents began looking for the twins, Leon told Pallas and Dawn that he found a special locket that, when having a piece of DNA within it, will lead the wearer to the person the DNA belonged to. Using Sariel's hair, Dawn, Pallas, and Leon activated the locket. However, Neptune tried to stop them, not wanting them to risk their lives, only for them to leave while he lectured on.

Eventually, the locket led them to a small, abandoned temple a great distance from Atlantis. Approaching it, they found a secret passageway under a statue, going down and hearing voices. As they hid themselves in a room, they found Esa, singing to the kidnapped twins to soothe them, before turning to Sariel, who joined her. The two antagonists argued about Sariel scaring the babies and potentially attracting attention from Triton and his wife while the three young heroes stayed hidden. After Sariel left, Esa was left alone to watch the twins before Dawn came out, upset with her mother siding with the psychopath. However, she turned the argument into a distraction while Pallas snuck up to the older goddess and shocked her, knocking her out.

The three took the twins back, but when they exited the temple, Sariel caught them. However, Savantia and Triton showed up, ticked off at him. They threatened the merman to leave their family be before leaving with her children, Sariel smirking behind their backs as if to say that it was only the beginning.

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