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Trouble Doubling is the seventeenth episode overall in Tales of Dawn and the fifth episode of Season 3. In this episode, when the newborn twins begin to show tremendous powers despite being only a few weeks old, the royal family starts to experience more than they can handle with them.


  • Dawn
  • Leon
  • Pallas
  • Savantia
  • Triton
  • Anastasia
  • Anasterian
  • Sariel (off-screen cameo)


The episode starts with Dawn holding up a squeaking Anasterian, who puked on her, and saying that he was never more lucky being adorable. As she placed him back down, Anastasia, wanting cuddles, suddenly was lifted in the air with a glowing aura around her. Dawn, shocked by the sight, immediately caught her when the glowing disappeared, letting her fall into her big sister's arms.

Believing that it was Sariel who caused the glowing, Dawn moved the twins to the lobby, Leon and Pallas playing with them before all the toys around them started floating around them. Triton and Savantia came in at the moment, their eyes widening at the sight as they thought Pallas and Dawn were causing it. However, they were not doing so. Looking down at the twins, they saw their hands glowing as they giggled, Dawn gawking at the sight.

Leon spoke up, believing that the reason that Savantia's belly was glowing when she was pregnant was because their powers were almost fully developed. Dawn had to admit that the sight of her twin siblings using their powers was awesome before a toy block landed on her head, making her take that back.

However, things got more intense as they used their powers at random times, unintentionally injuring anyone in their path and causing damage. The family tried to keep their patience, but it soon got to the point where everyone ended up injured: Triton with a head injury, Savantia in a wheelchair with a broken tail, Dawn and Pallas with various scratches and bruises, and Leon in a full-body cast. Unable to handle any more of this, Leon begged that they give the twins something that will keep them from using their powers temporarily. However, Triton and Savantia were hesitant, not wanting to do something cruel to their twins.

Thankfully, Dawn found a solution: a special formula that would subdue their powers significantly for almost a day. Having found peace after their discovery, the family finally rested... before an explosion and Sariel's laughter was heard outside.

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