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Too Cool For School
Created by Kidboy24
Original run 2014-Present
# of seasons Three (ordered)
# of episodes 60 (Ordered)

20 (per season)

Spin-off status Active
Directed by Kidboy24
Writer(s) Kidboy24
Creative directors Kidboy24
Storyboard artist(s) Kidboy24
Plot creators Kidboy24
Producer(s) Kidboy24
Supervising producer(s) Kidboy24
Executive producers Kidboy24
Production company Star Car Entertainment


Title card creator(s) Kidboy24
Preceded by SpongeBob SquarePants
Followed by Definitely Not Back To School


Too Cool For School is a spin-off created by Kidboy24 about SpongeBob going to his new school, Dumb Elementary. From there he meets lots of new characters and friends.


  • SpongeBob SquarePants - a sea sponge who is eager to learn, however finds recess a much better idea.
  • Tom Little - a human who has been to Dumb Elementary for a while, however is still quite young. He finds SpongeBob the perfect friend.
  • Kayden - another human, an older student who loves ball games and is in love with Trixie.
  • Trixie Turner - Kayden's girlfriend who loves riding on her skateboard but likes Kayden more.
  • Voldermort - Did you know the greatest villians had to start young? Voldermort is the series' villian.
  • Mr. Jones - the average everyday teacher.
  • Elsa -Yep, before turning her town into an ice land, she tought chirldren at Dumb Elementary.
  • Roary - a minor character who is the principle of the school.
  • Patrick Star - Although he never speaks, Patrick is always seen in the backround wanting to know what SpongeBob is doing.
  • Batman Clone - This superhero isn't really what he seems, he is actually just working for Voldermolt.
  • Count SpongeBob - This evil sponge was created by mistake.

Theme Song

Too Cool, For School!

[dance break, characters are shown next to a image of their voice actor]

Too Cool, For School!


  • -
  • -
  • -


Workers (Sign up on Kidboy's talk page with an example of your work!)

  • Kidboy24 - Creator, writer, title card maker (2014-Present)


  • The spin-off has been announced!
  • The spin-off will be part of DNBTS!
  • Original SpongeBob characters will be hidden throughout the episodes!


Season One

  1. Movin' Like Krabs (31st October 2014) - SpongeBob is forced to move to Dumb Elementary after failing his test, 99 times! Even worse that it's Halloween!
  2. The Evil Plan (____ November 2014) - Voldermolt decides it's time to say bye to THE WORLD!
  3. Cry Baby! (____ November 2014) - After losing the rugby match, SpongeBob and Tom need to help Kayden get his sporting spirit back!

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