The plot

The plot is the first episode of short series "baby days"


Spongebob thinks about what he was like when he was just a baby.


Spongebob: Not even books can take out my boredom!

[Throws a book out of his hands]

Gary: Meow

Spongebob: Na, I will just let boredom take over my mind.

Gary: Meow, meow..... meow meow!!!!

Spongebob: Yes, that's a good idea!

[Puts on his "thinking glasses"]

Spongebob: Oh!!! I can think about when i was a baby!

[Starts thinking]

Baby Spongebob: Goo Goo ga ga Goo!

Spongebob's mom: Your so cute!!!!

[Tips over and brakes a lamp]

Spongebob's mom: Well... we can repay that for $25.

[Goes to her foot and hugs it]

Spongebob's mom: Ooo!! You want a huggy?

Baby Spongebob: Ya ya ya ya ya!

[Picks up spongebob and gives him a huge hug]

Spongebob's mom: Ooo!!! Thats a good one!

[Spongebob starts to laugh]

[Gary starts to laugh with him]

[Short ends]