The Starfish is the second episode of Sponge Chat.


It's about Spongebob talking to his best friend Patrick on the talk show.


( The Audience cheers as SpongeBob walks on stage)

Spongebob: Thank you, thank you. You guys are such great audiences * laughs as he takes a seat on the left chair* hello everybody and welcome back to Sponge Chat. Where we go and sit around talking about some interesting things with my pals and other people and today we will be talking with my best friend who has the guts and is always there for me. He's pink, he's strong, and he is one of the best friends to have so give it up for,,, Patrick Star!!!

( Audiences cheers as Patrick goes running to the stage laughs as he then later trips but gets back up)

Patrick: Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I'm on TV! I am gonna be a super star!

Spongebob: Yup you sure are. * Laughs*

Patrick: So uh... where's my prize?

Spongebob: Patrick, this is a talk show.

Patrick: Oh... wait what's a talk show?

Spongebob: A talk show is where you talk about things you like with the host and audiences.

Patrick: Oh... okay I will talk about um...... Bubble Gum!

Spongebob: Okay then let's hear it Pat.

Patrick: Alright so... * stares as the audience* uh.... * is now shaken in fear* Spongebob..... who are all these people?

Spongebob: These are the audience!

Patrick: O-o-ookay uh....

Spongebob: What's the matter Patrick? You got stage fright?

Patrick: Uh.... * is still shaking in fear*

Audience member: *shouts " we want your shorts!"

Patrick: GAH!!!! Not my shorts! I---I like my shorts!

( Patrick runs out of the stage screaming as the audience starts laughing)

Spongebob: * Is angry* Hey that's not funny! You all should be a shame for scaring Patrick! And right now, I see him crying! You all owe him an apology!

( The audience says " sorry Patrick")

Spongebob: Good. Hope you all learn your lesson. So anyways that's our show. Hopefully the next episode won't be like this to our good old pal Squidward! And remember kids, if your friend is scared of something, be a good friend and help them through and don't make fun of them either! Well that's it for today, I will see you all next time!

( Spongebob leaves the stage as the audience cheers)


This is Patrick's first appearance in Sponge Chat.

The moral is that if your friend is scared, don't be mean to them and make it worse, help them or make them feel better.

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