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The SpongeBob Files

[[Image:File:The SpongeBob Files.png|300px]]

Release date
January 5,2013
# of seasons
Channels worldwide


Cartoon Network(Canada)

The SpongeBob Files is a TV series created by TheSponge231.It is a spy series,so it contains peeking.


SpongeBob was going to watch TV,but he can't find the remote.He looked in the kitchen, He looked in his gumball mashine, He looked under Gary's shell,He looked under his bed.But there was only 1 place he hav'ent gone,that was his closet. He digged through his toys, He digged through his clothes til he found his father's old spy kit.He made up his mind,And decided to be a spy.


"Spilot" January 5,2013
SpongeBob and Patrick become spys.
"The SpongeBob Files-The Krabby Patty Formula" January 8,2013
SpongeBob and Patrick try to find the Krabby Patty Formula.


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