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The Return Of Kenny
Series A Cat Named Kenny
Season One
Episode 1a
Airdate April 12, 2014
Story by Kidboy24
Written by Kidboy24
Supervising producer Rarity7Best
Title card by Kidboy24
Previous Episode N/A
Next Episode Kenny VS Benny
The Return Of Kenny is the pilot episode of A Cat Named Kenny. In it Kenny returns from land into water.



  • [Scene: Random Restaurant]
  • Unnamed Cashier: May I take your order?
  • Kenny: I will have a cheeseburger with French Fries. No, English Fries.
  • Unnamed Cashier: [sighs] That'll be $5 sir.
  • Kenny: What? In the ocean it's only $2!
  • Unnamed Cashier: Sorry but this is the world. I can't breathe there but maybe you can. Look, I'm American, you're British. Will you pay or leave?
  • Kenny: Huh?
  • [The cashier and somebody else carries Kenny and throws him out of the restaurant]
  • [Scene: Beach]
  • Kenny: Right, I have my gas mask and the clothes on my back. So let's go down! [jumps in the water holding his breath]
  • [Scene: Outside Krusty Krab]
  • Kenny: Here we are, somewhere I can eat real fast food!
  • SpongeBob: [walks along] Hey, hey! It's my old pal, Kenny!
  • [Sandy comes along with a suit like the one she's wearing and puts it on Kenny]
  • Sandy: What were you thinking? You could've died! Nobody can see the oxygen mask!
  • Kenny: Remember I'm only known as 'the cat who likes water' now. Everyone knows my secret!
  • SpongeBob: Calm down! I'm guessing Kenny needs a place to stay. Can he stay at your place?
  • Sandy: Why, sure! Come on, lets go home.
  • [Sandy walks to her treedome with Kenny ending the episode]


  • This episode and Kenny VS Benny uses the same animation as season one of the original show.
  • Sandy actually trusts cats in this series.



  • When SpongeBob says "Can he stay at your place?" it is subtitled as "Can he stay at your palace?"

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