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The Plankton Show
Created by Tropicaljackson
Original run Oct 12,2014-Present
Genre Spin-Off
# of seasons 6
# of episodes 78
Spin-off status In production
Directed by Tropicaljackson
Writer(s) ChrisGriffinXx


Producer(s) Tropicaljackson
Supervising producer(s) Tropicaljackson
Executive producers Tropicaljackson
Production company The Plankton studio
Title card creator(s) ChrisGriffinXx


The Plankton Show is about the life of Plankton when he moved to Bikini Bottom. This show is created by TropicalJackson. It is currently produced by The Plankton studio

Won and Pending Awards


Season 1

Season 1 is the first season of The Plankton Show series. It contains the first episode of the series as well, Pilot episode. This season will contain 13 episodes.

Title Card # Title

"Pilot episode" Oct 12,2014
Plankton moves to the Bikini Bottom
"Do You Know This Krab?" Oct 13,2014
Plankton gets tired of Karen's new catchphrase "Do you know this Crab"? but won't admit it; Mr. Krabs tries to reunite with Plankton after a good and well forty years, but Plankton has "plans".


  • The show will start production after the sign-ups
  • The show has begun production.


  • Tropicaljackson (Creator, Director, Supervising Producer)
  • ChrisGriffinXx (Writer, Title Card Creator)
  • LogoPlus (Title Card Creator, Writer)
  • Kidsnewsnairobi7yearold (Writer, Title Card Creator)

Award Pictures


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