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The Nudists of Bikini Bottom is the third episode of Underwater Shorts. It is written by Platipig and is a about a simple game of dares gone wrong when it sees SpongeBob and Patrick naked and Squidward joining in too! It aired September 1st 2016.




(scene: Krusty Krab)

Mr. Krabs: Would you three care to explain why you're naked?

Squidward: Oh, it's a long story...

Patrick: Yes, yes it is.

SpongeBob: I think you can tell the tale.

Patrick: Well, it all started when I was born.

Squidward: Not your life story, why we're naked!

Patrick: Oh right. (we see a flashback as he narrates) Me and SpongeBob were playing dares and it started out simple like (as he says the stuff are shown) setting fire to trees, tipping boats and even taking Squidward's clarinet. But then, I decided to take it to the extreme.

SpongeBob: (also narrating) He dared me to go naked for the rest of the day. At first I declined but after he said he would not be my friend and betted a pound, I had to.

Squidward: (narrating too) Then, I came to retrieve my clarinet and Patrick bet me his life-savings for me to do the same.

Mr. Krabs: Oh right. I knew no good could come from dares.

SpongeBob: Now if you would excuse us, Patrick needs to give us some money in the bathroom. (Pearl and her friends walk in)

Pearl: Oh look, it's SpongeBob NudyPants! (they laugh and take photos with their phone)

Narrator: The trio were the trending topic for the next month. Well, as Mr. Krabs would say, nothing good can come from dares. So cut it out.

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