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The New Sponge In Town is a spin-off created by DangerZ and is produced by DangerZ Productions.


Title Card # Title


1a 'Airplane Escape' April 27, 2014
SpongeBob is planning to move to Bass Vegas, so he boards an airplane scheduled to go to Bass Vegas, but breaks down. After the pilots force to make the passengers jump out of the plane since the pilots can't perform an emergency landing, SpongeBob activates his parachute and lands in Bikini Bottom. He decides to live there since he doesn't know where Bass Vegas is.
1b 'The Origin Of Gary' April 30, 2014
After SpongeBob finds Gary The Snail in his pineapple, SpongeBob wants to know how Gary lived before SpongeBob moved in. SpongeBob thought it would be impossible since he thinks he doesn't know how to speak snail, but SpongeBob turns out to understand Snail language.
2a 'The Krusty Krab Infestation' May 2, 2014
After The Krusty Krab has been infested with krill, SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs, and Squidward have to find out a way to get rid of the krill. If they don't get rid of the krill in time, the employees would have to use another restaurant, forever.
2b 'Bosses Are Painful'

May 2, 2014

When Plankton and Mr. Krabs meet, it turns out that they hate each other, then they each dare each other to do dangerous tasks.
3 'Night, Night' May 5, 2014
In this 30-Minute episode, SpongeBob finds out that he falls asleep automatically at around nine at night, he wants to find a way to stay up all night so he can watch his favorite shows on television. After several failed attempts on trying to get help from his friends, SpongeBob decides to go see if Sandy would help him find a chemical to help him keep awake.
4a 'Fire' May 11, 2014
After SpongeBob's house is set on fire by SpongeBob's oven backfiring while SpongeBob tries to get popcorn, the firemen come and try to help SpongeBob.
4b 'The Attic' May 11, 2014
Mr. Krabs forces SpongeBob to get some "secret krabby sauce" in the attic, but SpongeBob refuses to, because he has watched a horror movie last night that had to do with an attic. When SpongeBob finally accepts Mr. Krabs's deadly dare task, SpongeBob gets some scary hallucinations. For example, The Dirty Bubble for a flour sack.
4c 'Beats' May 11, 2014
SpongeBob and Patrick, bored out of their skins, can't find anything fun to do, until Patrick comes up with an idea to listen to music with headphones. Suddenly, the headphones became alive from a nuclear reaction, and are causing chaos in Bikini Bottom. It is up for SpongeBob and Patrick to stop the headphones.

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