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The New SpongeToons is a reboot of the popular spin-off, SpongeToons.


On April 23, in Skype chat, SBCA and Ghastlyop had a discussion and decided to reboot SpongeToons. SBCA announced that it will follow the same writing style as the Seasons 1-2 of SpongeToons, plot-only. However, it will have no continuity from the original spin-off.


  • SBCA - Creator of SpongeToons, Creator of The New SpongeToons, Writer, and Title Card Maker
  • Ghastlyop - Owner of SpongeToons, Creator of The New SpongeToons, and Writer
  • IRmjii - Writer
  • BagelBoxd - Producer and Advertiser

List Of Episodes

Title Card Episode Number Title Airdate

"Finding an Addition" April 28, 2015
Mr. Krabs assigns SpongeBob to make a tasty addition to the Krusty Krab Menu.


"Riot In Bikini Bottom" April 28, 2015
Mr. Krabs put's up an Advert for the T.V in order to attract customers. But his advert stirs up trouble after he makes offensive jokes on the advert which causes the public to start a riot. How can he convince the public it was a mistake?


"Sit Back and Game On" September 25, 2015
SpongeBob invites his friends to hang out at his lovely pineapple and play some video games. However, as usual, something goes wrong. How will this party stay afloat?

"HowToAvoid: Boredom" September 25, 2015
SpongeBob's bored and has nothing to do. Will boredom end his reign of sunshine? Or can he survive this borewave?

"The Spud Restaurant" October 13, 2015
Squidward discovers a rival fast food chain and accidentally enters the restricted area and gets kidnapped. Now, without anyone knowing about his whereabouts, he must find his way out.

"Traffic Jam" October 2015
SpongeBob and Patrick on a bus end up in traffic jam, while the whole city is on gridlock. How long until the journey ends?


"Vet Or No Vet" TBA
Gary has a phobia of the Veterinarian which SpongeBob finds annoying so he tries many methods to persuade him it's not so bad with some results. Can SpongeBob catch Gary and successfully take him to the Vet before he starts going on a rampage?

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