The Nat Peterson Show is a spin-off basen on Nat Peterson.
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Nat Peterson - yellow fish with purple fin, what made lots of apperances in the real show. In this show he is in all episodes. If you want see more about him, click this:[1].

Clayton - light blue fish with blue stripes. He's Nat's best friend. If you want see more about him, click this:[2]

Anthony - orange fish who's also Nat's and Clayton's friend. He falls in love with Molly one time.

Pilar - Nat's friend, but Clayton does not like him.

Medley - Green fish with big green fin.

Mevis - Big green fish with orange glasses.


1a - Good ol' Bikini Bottom - Nat moves to Bikini Bottom

1b - Chldlish Nat - Nat thinks he's too childlish, and try to be gloomy.

2 - Blue Thing - Big, sticky and blue mucus may drow Bikini Bottom.

3a - Clayton's Pet - Clayton wants a pet.

3b - Beach - Nat hang out on a beach.

4 - Anthony, Your in Love! - Anthony fall in love in Molly. 

5a - The Glitch - Nat finds a glitch in the episode and tries to fix it.

5b - New Days - Nat goes to the future