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The Mysterious is a spin-off to the popular Nickeldeon series, SpongeBob SquarePants, about twelve year-old SpongeBob and Patrick discovering strange stuff, such as the paranormal, in Bikini Bottom. It was created byPlatipig


  • SpongeBob - Tom Kenny
  • Patrick - Bill Faggerbakke
  • Dr. Mentor Hue - Platipig
  • Sandy - Carolyn Lawrence
  • Mum - Jill Talley
  • Grandad McJenkins - Platipig
  • Perry - Dee Bradley Baker


  • Platipig (Creator Everything)

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Title Card # Title

"Don't Let The Dead Bugs Bite" TBA
SpongeBob and Patrick accidentally raise the dead and need to stop it with a new allie.

"U 'N' I" TBA
When Patrick befriends a Unicorn, SpongeBob thinks there's more than meets the eye.

"Ghoulish Boyfriend" TBA
SpongeBob confesses his feelings to Sandy and their relationship becomes official. They decide to hang out after school but when SpongeBob gets possessed, his spirit and Patrick need to make sure the 'date' goes well.

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