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The Life of a Computer
Genre Comedy
Format Animated
Created by ChrisGriffinXx
Developed by ChrisGriffinXx
Voices of Jill Talley

ChrisGriffinXx (2013)
Kjjb (2013-present)
Mr. Lawrence

Original Run First run: May 24, 2013-August 4, 2013
revival: December 24, 2013-present
No. of seasons 5 (ordered)
No. of episodes 60 (ordered)
Production Company Computer Productions
Channel(s) Nickelodeon
Nick Toons

Kelp Finger TV
OceanWave TV

The Life of a Computer is a spin-off series created by ChrisGriffinXx. The series involves a deeper look into the life of Plankton's computer wife, Karen. After she quits being under her husband's orders, she leaves the Chum Bucket and goes to a warehouse and befriends four other robot friends.


Karen Plankton

She is the main character of Life of A Computer. Karen was originally a "Mark II UNIVAC" who is the main computer system of Plankton's lab but she's now just a "KAREN" system. In the pilot episode, she quits the Chum Bucket and goes on to making new computer friends. Voiced by Jill Talley.


Herbert is a laptop who is a friend of Karen. In the pilot, Herbert said that he got thrown into the water purposely which probably killed him. Voiced by ChrisGriffinXx (2013) and Kjjb (2013-present).


Timmy is an all-in-one PC who is also a friend of Karen. In the pilot episode, he said his owner threw him in the trash because he was considered by his owner "useless". Voiced by ChrisGriffinXx (2013) and Kjjb (2013-present).


Don is an iMac who befriends Karen in the pilot episode. Don claims that he has been turned on only twice by his owner in the pilot. Voiced by ChrisGriffinXx (2013) and Kjjb (2013-present).


Alex is a monitor who is a friend of Karen. In the pilot, Alex said he got in the water accidentally by sailors. Voiced by ChrisGriffinXx (2013) and Kjjb (2013-present).

Sheldon J. Plankton

Plankton is the main villian of the show. After Karen leaves him, he decides to enslave her and all her friends. Voiced by Mr. Lawrence.


Season One

LOAC took a short hiatus from January 7, 2014 to February 4, 2014.

Title Card # Title

"Karen Quits the Chum Bucket" May 24, 2013
Karen quits her job at the Chum Bucket and leaves to another part of Bikini Bottom which has a warehouse with 4 other computers, and befriends them.

Written by ChrisGriffinXx

"Karen the Sheriff" May 28, 2013
Karen and her friends find jobs as a police officer, but it does not go like it was expected,

Written by ChrisGriffinXx

"Revenge of the Replacements" June 1, 2013
Plankton rebuilds Karen 2, T119-A, SPU-31, and Command Module to get revenge on Karen and her friends.

Written by ChrisGriffinXx

"Karen Finds a Job" June 9, 2013
After leaving the Chum Bucket and being rejected from becoming a cop, Karen and her friends finally find a job.

Written by ChrisGriffinXx

"First Day Of Work" July 3, 2013
Karen and friends go to their first day of the job, but they have so many dishes to wash. Will they wash all of them before the day is done?

Written by ChrisGriffinXx

"Zombies Invade!" July 7, 2013
Zombies invade Pizza Castle and Karen and her friends have to fight the angry mob.

Written by Newleaffan

"Karen Tales" July 25, 2013
Karen writes her own bestseller book in this episode. But it turns out it was just a dream.

Written by ChrisGriffinXx

"Karen Stops The World" July 31, 2013
Karen becomes hypnotized and hypnotizes everyone around them. Will it stop? Find out in this episode.

Written by ChrisGriffinXx

"Worker Of The Week" August 4, 2013
Karen becomes worker of the week at Pizza Castle.

Written by ChrisGriffinXx

"Dish Catastrophe" December 24, 2013
Karen breaks some plates and has to buy new ones before her boss finds out. Will she succeed or will her boss get angry?

Written by Kjjb

"Large and In Charge" January 7, 2014
Mr. Luigi puts Timmy in charge of the restaurant. Uh oh. What great horrors are gonna happen now?

Written by Kjjb

"Plankton in Disguise" December 25, 2013
Plankton disguises himself as a customer as a foolproof plan to get Karen's friends once and for all.

Written by Kjjb

"F.R.E.D.R.I.C.K. Visits" TBA
Karen's father, Fredrick, visits Bikini Bottom to see what Karen is up to. Meanwhile, Plankton tries to humiliate Karen and her friends.

Written by Kjjb

"Crash!" TBA
Karen crashes and her friends have to save her. Plankton disguises himself and tries to trick them into putting an evil chip inside her.

Written by Kjjb

"Computerception, Part 1" TBA
Karen and her friends get sucked into a computer and have to get out.

Written by Kjjb

"Computerception, Part 2" TBA
Karen and her friends find new friends that can help her get out, and they hunt for clues to find the portal.

Written by Kjjb

"Computerception, Part 3" TBA
Karen and all her friends face dangers while hunting for the portal; Karen and her friends find the portal and get out.

Written by Kjjb

Season Two

Title Card # Title

"Pay Day" 2014
Written by Kjjb
"Karen 3.0" February 5, 2014
Karen 2.0 returns but turns evil to kidnap Karen.
This is the last episode of LOAC.

Written by Kjjb


Title Card # Title Release date

"The Virus" Early 2015
Plankton gets sick and tired of failing every time, he gives up. An evil demon spirit comes out and encourages Plankton to team up with him and kill Karen's friends. So the demon gives Karen the chase of her life. Will she survive? Or will her friends be killed? This movie is unusually darker than the other episodes. (Series finale) Note: The Virus is voiced by Jeremy Irons

Written by Kjjb

Episode Editing Rules

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  • Use Karen and all her friends in each episode. Plankton may not be included, but he should be in most episodes.
  • Please no adding characters like SpongeBob unless if I give you permission to.
  • Do not create season premieres or finales without my permission.
  • And please, no making fanmade crossovers. I will do crossovers.
  • -Best wishes, Kjjb


People who want to work for the show

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NOTE: We are not currently looking for anybody for a job (as of now). See you again later!

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Award Category Status
SpongeBob Polo Awards Best New Spin-Off Won
Golden Spatula Awards Best New Spin-Off Won
Blue Ocean Awards Best G-Rated Spin-off Nominated
Stumble Award Best Episode Plot Won

Awards Gallery

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