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 The Karate Master is the third short of the series, "SpongeBob's Daily Laugh". It was written by SuperFanon'D! and was released on February 4, 2015.


  • [the short begins in Sandy's treedome, where SpongeBob is in his karate uniform]
  • SpongeBob: Yeah, look at these karate moves!
  • [SpongeBob tries to karate-chop a plank propped on two cement bricks, he misses and karate-chops the ground, he trips onto his karate glove and splits himself into three, one of which is rocketed up to the ceiling, the other two SpongeBobs now try to chop the board but hit the cement bricks and break their hands]
  • SpongeBobs: OUCH!
  • [Sandy walks into the treedome]
  • Sandy: What are you doing? And how did you get in here?
  • SpongeBobs: Uh...
  • [the SpongeBobs run out of Sandy's house]
  • Sandy: That was weird.
  • [the third SpongeBob lands on Sandy's face, ending the short]

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