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The Journey Onward is the second episode of Season 1 and overall in Tales of Dawn. In this episode, Dawn decides to journey out to the ocean to find her father with the help of her new companion Leon.


  • Dawn
  • Leon
  • Esa
  • Sea Monsters
  • Ghost Residents
  • Unnamed Captain and his crew


Following the first episode, Dawn packed some supplies for her journey in the dead of night while her family slept, creeping out the house. She went down to the beach after leaving a note with her aunt Harmony, finding Leon basking in the moonlight and enjoying the nightly view. However, his focus was broken when Dawn asked him if he could be her map for her adventure to find her father, to which Leon asked if she was insane. She sarcastically replied that she was Dawn before explaining her reasons for wanting to go out in the ocean. Moved by her heartfelt words, Leon finally agreed.

The two went on their way, heading on to Atlantis. However, a few obstacles got in their way: a forest of kelp, a literal ghost town with spirits floating around, and finally an abyss full of sea monsters. They were barely able to survive, Dawn never have been more grateful to be a goddess, and continue on. Leon told Dawn that they could always turn back, to which she responded by giving him a tiny pebble and telling him that the size of it symbolized how much she listened to him.

They soon discovered a huge ocean in their way, and due to certain risks, it can only be crossed by boat. When they discovered that the only boat headed across it is a cargo ship, they snuck on despite Leon advising against it. They were eventually caught almost halfway through the boat ride, but they were able to stay on when Dawn offered to entertain the crew with her singing after Leon discovered earlier that the captain enjoyed listening to mermaid songs.

Feeling that the rest of the way would be a breeze, the two friends relaxed. However, little did they know that a storm was just on the horizon...


  • TBA

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