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"The Human"
Airdate: June 12 2012
Guest(s): None
Writer(s): Islam4856
Storyboard Artist(s): JellyfishJam38
Supervising Producer: Ponyo Fan
Main: Islam4856
Storyboard: Esa6426
Animation: AustinD3X
Creative: Spongefan511


  • Humans
  • Jervis



It is an afternoon at the sea. Suddenly a helicopter drops a big apartment with 15 stories and humans come out of the helicopter and one of them says 'Where is this place? I know it's the sea which is why we are wearing helmets but this is a city' Then Squidward, SpongeBob, and Patrick all come out and say 'Welcome to Bikini Bottom' but when they finish all they see is the apartment and humans in it. Then a kid comes out, who introduces himself as Jervis. They all play until Sandy comes, and thats when Jervis and Sandy dance with each other. Jervis tells Squidward, Patrick, and SpongeBob that he and Sandy went to the same school together. After the story of how they graduated and went into seperate ways, the friends play tag. Later Spongeob and Patrick show Jervis around, while Sandy and Squidward show him the fashion of Bikini Bottom. The friends then play.

Trivia and Goofs

  • SpongeBob is green throughout many parts of the episode
  • Bikini Bottom is larger than usually
  • When the episode speeds up there is title card music from Best Frenemies