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The Great Escape is the nineteenth episode overall in Tales of Dawn and the Season 3 finale. In this episode, Dawn is completely bored with her stay at the hospital and tries to escape it, only for the doctors to catch her each time.


  • Dawn
  • Leon
  • Pallas
  • Savantia
  • Triton
  • Anastasia
  • Anasterian
  • Neptune
  • Mystery Patient/Khepu


Two weeks have passed since Dawn was taken to the hospital, most of her major wounds healing up. However, the doctors recommended that she should stay a few more days at most before they could release her. Dawn of course did not mind it at first.

However, it soon became obvious that she was far from enjoying it: the patient next door kept yelling randomly, the radio was stuck on talk news, the television was busted, and the many of the books she found were missing pages. Unable to cope with it, she decided to leave the hospital. However, the doctors were firm on their decision to keep her here for a few more days, leading Dawn to make a drastic decision: escape the hospital.

First, she tried to simply exit out the window. Unfortunately, before she could fully make it out, the busted window shut on her tail fins. Thankfully, a male patient with strawberry blonde hair and wearing an arm cast saw her from below his window. He (reluctantly) was able to notify the doctors on her situation, getting her back in. Next, she decided to sneak out by wearing a doctor's disguise, only to be mistaken for a surgeon and taken to an operating room. Thankfully, the same patient that helped her before unintentionally distracted them while she escaped from performing a surgery, eventually getting caught again. Finally, she decided to use the vents, but instead of finding the exit, she ended up in the same room as the helpful patient, the door jammed from both sides.

The patient revealed that he should not be here because he did not belong in Dawn's realm, explaining that he came here looking for someone but got into an accident in the process, thus landing in the hospital. Dawn wondered who he was looking for before they both got caught, ending up back in their rooms before they could even give each other their names.

A few days have passed, Dawn finally being released. However, she had not heard from the boy she met and asked the receptionist about him using his description, wanting to meet him so she could properly thank him and find out his name. Unfortunately, her parents came to pick her up before she could find out who he was. However, she went on her way out after the doctors gave her a note from someone saying, "You're welcome- Khepu," the redhead hiding it from her parents' view.



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