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The Big Race
Series SpongeBob: A New Generation
Season 1
Episode 1b
Airdate December 8, 2012
Story by Imnewhere
Written by Imnewhere
Storyboard artist(s) Imnewhere
Storyboard directed by Imnewhere
Directed by Imnewhere
Supervising producer IHeartSpongeBob
Title card by Da Nerd
The Big Race is the second episode of SpongeBob: A New Generation. In this episode, the race between the friends begin. Who will take first place? The previous episode was A Good Pilot, and the next will be Angry Birds!



  • Announcer: (title is shown) Ready, Set, Go! (SpongeBob starts running) #5 passes #2 and #7 in a flash!
  • Plankton: Hey!
  • Announcer: He passes #1 and #4 until #7 passes him! (SpongeBob screams) #5 catches up and passes #3 and #6. Then he's almost there, and he crosses the finish line!
  • SpongeBob: YES! YES! YES! (trips over some birds) Oh, hello.
  • Homer Simpson: Hello.
  • Bart Simpson: We are the guys?
  • Lisa Simpson: We need your help.
  • Mario: I'ts a me Mario! you need to rescue our princess peach.
  • Blue Bird: It holds our new baby bird.
  • White Bird: And the pigs want to eat it!
  • SpongeBob: Why?
  • Homer Simpson: They think it is an ordinary car.
  • SpongeBob: I dunno, I'll do it.
  • Narrator: ("To Be Continued" sign is shown) To be con-
  • Squidward: NO! WAIT! I'm in the race. I'm #8!
  • Coach Drake: SQUIDWARD! I made you be late because I didn't want you in the race.
  • Squidward: No you didn't.
  • Coach Drake: Yes, I did.
  • Squidward: Didn't.
  • Coach Drake: Did.
  • Squidward: Didn't.
  • Coach Drake: Did.
  • SpongeBob: STOP! (faces birds) I'll do it.
  • Narrator: ("To Be Continued" sign is shown) To be continued.



Wooden Bear - SpongeBob talks to the Angry Birds.

Bossa Cubana - The race.

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