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The Beginnings is the pilot of "Superstars, Sponges, Cephalopods, and Squirrels". In this episode, which takes place when they are young adults, SpongeBob, Squidward, and Patrick meet and decide to form a band. This episode won a Spinny for "Best Pilot" on the SpongeBob Community's III Golden Community Awards.


Note: Some words may have been switched due to stupidly censoring random things.


Episode 1: The beginning

Let's set a tone.

It's years in the future, and the cast of SpongeBob have JUST graduated high school, their futures waiting to be paved. The first season is about becoming a band, and that needs to be done first, so most drama will come in season 2 and up. Season 2 is also going to be a bit more mature, and will probably get rated T.

Enjoy the show!

It was another crowded night at the Krusty Krab, and SpongeBob was sitting near a table, stirring the ice in his soda (SpongeBob isn't working at the Krusty Krab.)

"Crap. It's going to be a year after high school soon, and I've done nothing for my life. If my parents realize this cruel fact, I'll be stuck working at dad's store forever!" Just then, a big man sat down at his table.

"Sorry man. May I sit here? Nobody else will let me to their tables."

"Go ahead, I don't mind." SpongeBob answered.

"Thanks." A waited went to their table.

"Here you go. Three Krabby Patties." Waiter said, dully.

"Thank you, umm…" The big man asked.


"Hello, Squidward. You seem bored. Here, have a seat." The big man pulled up a seat. Squidward sat down.

"Thanks." Squidward said.

"No problem." The big man answered

"Man, my life is crap!" Squidward yelled.

"You are definitely not the only one to think that!" SpongeBob chuckled.

"You know what I've always wanted to do?"


"Ditch did stupid craphole and start a band. I play a MEAN clarinet."

"I guess that would be a good idea…" A spark sparked in SpongeBob.


"What is?" The big man asked.

"I need a job. My crib is a lame pineapple, and if I don't get a job, my dad will make me go to his home forever!"

"Hmm… okay… meet at my house tomorrow." Squidward offered.

"May I come? I might be useful." The big man asked?

"Sure. I don't care." Squidward answered.

"Where do you live?" SpongeBob asked.

"102 Conch Street." Squidward said.

"REALLY? I LIVE ON THAT STREET!" The big man and SpongeBob said, in unison.

"Well, ol' 'Loo'gene Krabs will fire me if I just sit here. I do need to make ends meet anyway. What's your names?"


"Patrick." The big man said.

"102 Conch Street!"



  • SpongeBob (debut)
  • Patrick (debut)
  • Squidward (debut)

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