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The Beetles


Release Date
July 4, 2014
Clear (Season 1 Finale)

The Beetles is the nineteenth episode of the show and the first episode in Season 2 of SpongeToons.


A hit new sea-pop band named The Beetles are breaking record charts. Sandy is intrigued with the catchy music. Squidward admires them, too. But Plankton is annoyed with the songs. The Beetles are getting more popular every second. Plankton plans an evil scheme to end their glory, so Sandy and Squidward team up with each other to foil Plankton’s plan. When the Beetles concert in Bikini Bottom Concert Grounds arrives, Mr. Krabs immediately sponsors the concert. Plankton unleashes his mind control juice! When he goes though the huge crowd, he is repeatedly hurt, and Sandy and Squidward laugh at the end. Mr. Krabs also makes a lot of money. Squidward and Sandy report him to the police and he goes to jail…again.


  • This is the season premiere of Season 2 of SpongeToons.
  • This is the debut of the new SpongeToons logo.
  • This was part of the Luis TV Independence Day special in America.

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