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The Adventures Of SpongeBob SquarePants


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Bikini Bottom
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Dec 11,2012-Jan 20,2013 hiatus From Dec 12,2012- Jan 20,2013

100px This series has now ended.
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Now that this has been on hiatus for a month I am cancelling it.

The Adventures Of SpongeBob SquarePants was a series created by RamDarre. Episodes were  released every week on Saturdays except for holiday specials.

Season 1


Manray The Good Guy by RamDarre A Christmas Special

Being tired of being evil Manray wants to be good for a change. Join him on his difficult journey to being good. His councelors: SpongeBob and Patrick. Will a once bad criminal turn good or will he commit to another scheme dooming Bikini Bottom? Find out in Manray The Good Guy- A Christmas Special.


  • Specials are Italicized.
Name Airdate
The Black Box


The Employer


Manray The Good Guy 12/25/12

Breakin' The Law Part 1

Part 2



The Screamin Clarinet 1/6/12
Angry Squids 1/13/12
Puff's Problems 1/20/12
The Copyright Claims 1/27/12
Super Smash Bros. Bikini Bottom 2/4/12

The Black Box by RamDarre

Patrick finds a black box and in roman it says "Do not open or the curse will unleash." When Patrick opens the box he is forced to watch a 24 hour marathon of The Simpsons. Meanwhile, SpongeBob gets his drivers license forged and now is being chased by the cops.

Transscript: The Black Box

Note: This is the first episode.

The Employer by RamDarre

Mr.Krabs has to do his bi-annual Employee test so SpongeBob is in charge. After SpongeBob sells off the assets to Plankton he decides to take over the Krusty Krab. Patrick goes to the annual Mayo Drinking contest. Sandy and Squidward try being brokers in Wall Street but it fails.

Breakin' The Law by RamDarre

Part 1: SpongeBob goes to jail for littering and Squidward loses his clarinet.

Part 2: Sandy has to work at the Chum Bucket after burning it down accidentally. SpongeBob has to get out of prison with Patrick helping him.

The Screamin Clarinet by RamDarre

When Squidward plays his clarinet in front of the National Band Association they think it is bad. So bad that they made a new grade a G. Can Squidward stop this grade from going public? Could his hopes and dreams be thrown out??

Angry Squids by RamDarre

SpongeBob and Patrick develop an ios game of Angry Squids.

Puff's Problems by RamDarre

Mrs.Puff is overweight and SpongeBob and Patrick put her on the biggest loser. Meanwhile, Squidward is nominated for The Worst Awards in title of Clarinet.

The Copyright Claims by RamDarre

Mr.Krabs has invented something that was already copyrighted and he sold it calling it "Vaccum-O Matic" SpongeBob his lawyer must put up a tough case or Mr.Krabs may feel his wallet get a few pounds lighter.

Super Smash Bros. Bikini Bottom by RamDarre

After playing the Wii for a few too many hours, Patrick and SpongeBob think that the game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is real. After going on a rampage what will happen?

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