Talking with the squid is the third episode of Sponge Chat.


Spongebob is introducing us to Squidward Tentacles and will be talking about some interesting topics.


( Audiences cheer as Spongebob walks to the stage and sits on the left chair)

Spongebob: Thank you, thank you, I appreciate all the love that I got from my lovely fans * laughs* hello everybody and welcome back to Sponge Chat where we will be discussing some things with my friends and other people and today we will be discussing with one of my greatest friend ever who is always here to help, Squidward!

( Audiences cheers as Squidward walks on stage)

Squidward: * was thinking to himself* " oh my... is this really true? people cheering for me?" * sheds a tear* I guess being on the little yellow sponge's talk show is gonna be worth it.

Spongebob: Hi Squidward! Isn't it great? You're on a talk show like I promised you in the pilot episode.

Squidward: Oh yes indeed Spongebob. * takes a seat on the right chair*

Spongebob: So what do you want to talk about?

Squidward: Well I want to talk about my passion and culture. Something more interesting than what most other people have to say on here.

Spongebob: Okay let's hear it.

Squidward: Well I like to relax and sleep in my own house. I also like to clean, and keep things neat. The things I like to do is to play the clarinet, paint, and sip tea. I would one day be one of the most famous person in Bikini Bottom. But what I hate is the Krusty Krab and two annoying idiotic neighbors who never learn to shut up and let me have my peace.

Spongebob: Does that include little old me? * giggles*

Squidward: yes that includes you you idiot!

Spongebob: Okay then Squidward. So anyway's, does anybody want to see Squidward play his clarinet?

( Audiences say " yes")

Spongebob: Okay then!

Squidward: * smiles* well looks like we have people who love me and my music! * grabs out his clarinet* okay now 1.... 2...

( Squidward starts playing his clarinet, but the audience boos because it sounds horrible and Spongebob takes away his clarinets)

Spongebob: Uh.... sorry Squid, I did not know that they would like it.

Squidward: * growls* I'll show ALL of you that I have good talent! One day! * walks off stage and leaves*

Spongebob: Well that was an interesting way to rap things up * laughs as the audience laughs too* so that's it everybody. Next episode, we will have a special guest that wants to meet me in a long time. So see you all next time on Sponge Chat!

( Spongebob leaves as the audience cheers)


Squidward will appear again.

At the end, when Spongebob says a " special guest" people speculate on who it would be.

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