Super Happy Fun Land
October 2, 2014

Super Happy Fun Land is the forty sixth episode of SpongeToons.


SpongeBob walks through the town of Bikini Bottom, but he has a problem! He does not know what to do today! So his best friend Squidward knows what to do! He's going to build a recorder for him, that doesn't work. What will?.


Narrator: SpongeBob woke up from the sound of alarm clocks.

SpongeBob: What a nice way to start off the morning?

Narrator: He went over to see his pet snail, Gary.

SpongeBob: Hey buddy, old pal!

Gary: Meow [There's something wrong about this episode!]

SpongeBob: I love you loads!

Narrator: Down the stairs he went to his roomie, Angel.

SpongeBob: Hey Angie!

Angel: You know, I've never seen you like that.

SpongeBob: I'm going out Angie! Look after Gare-bear for me!

Angel: Of course I will.

Narrator: Gary went up to Angel and purred.

Gary: Meow [At least someone knows]

Angel: Of course I know, Gary.

Narrator: SpongeBob started to walk down the street, whistling at his feet.

SpongeBob: I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready for what?

Narrator: Oh dear! It seems that SpongeBob didn't plan everything of his new day! Meanwhile, Squidward is crying.

[The camera zooms it Squidward's house]

Narrator: Squidward is unhappy unlike our little yellow Sponge!

SpongeBob: Hey, Squiddy! What's the matter?

Squidward: My clarinet has broke!

[We get a picture of the broken clarinet.]

SpongeBob: I'll help you!

Squidward: Thank you, SpongeBob.

Narrator: So, SpongeBob made it his quest to find a new clarinet for Squidward.

SpongeBob: Where is the first shop that sells clarinets.

Narrator: He looked and he looked all around the town until he found a shop called 'Preposterous Music'. He went inside to find...

SpongeBob: Squilliam Fancyson!

Squilliam: Who said my name?

SpongeBob: I did.

Squilliam: Oh it's you, SpongeBob.

Narrator: He bought his items and walked away.

Cashier: Next!

SpongeBob: I would like to buy this please!

Cashier: That will be $29.99.

Narrator: SpongeBob had his cash ready in his hand, and gave the kind sir $30. He walked out with a shrug.

SpongeBob: 'Going back to see Squidward again!'

Narrator: Meanwhile, at Squidwards house, he was sitting near the door.

Squidward: I wonder when SpongeBob will get back?

SpongeBob: Here I am! I got you what you wanted!

Narrator: He showed Squidward the instrument, it was a replica of the older one.

Squidward: Let me see how it works.

Narrator: He got himself ready. As he played a beautiful tune.

Squidward: Thank you SpongeBob, I owe you one!

SpongeBob: This has been one of the best days ever!

Narrator: He then leaped in the air with sparkly flair.

Gary: Meow Meow Meow [Now, we are done.]


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