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After SpongeBob nearly annoys him to death, Squidward gets a physciatrist.


Squidward: (Sipping tea) Ah, House Fancy.

SpongeBob jumps in.

SpongeBob: Waaaa, Waaa, (whistles) Waa Waa (WHistles)_ Waaa Oh Waaa!

Squidward: (Not amused look) SpongeBob SquarePants, how many times have I told you not to come in on a Wenesday or any other day?

SpongeBob: (Counting on fingers) At least 99.

Squidward: And this makes 100.

SpongeBob: 100! We should have a celebration!

Squidward: Celebration? N-

SpongeBob opens door.

SpongeBob: Hey everybody! Squidward is celebrating 100!

Everyone in Bikini Bottom came in.

Patrick: Squidward, 100 matches your image.  You've looked 100 for  a long time.

Squidward growls.


Bikini Bottom left.

SpongeBob: Ah Squidward, we didn't celebrate much.

Squidward: I don't care about celebration, or any other of your stupid GAMES! RAHHHHHH!

Squidward ran out of his house, like a madfish.

Fish: Hello Sr., I am Dr. Watterson.

Squidward: I'M NOT SICK!

Dr. Watterson: No Mr. Tentcales, I'm a physiciatrist and can help you.

Squidward: He-He-Help me?

Dr. Watteron: Why of course, why don't you stay for an hour or two and tell me your problems?

Squidward: Someone who's actually interested in my problems.

Squidward happily followed Dr. Watterson.

Dr Watterson: Ok, tell me about it from birth toi the present.

Squidward: I was born in Kelp City from anunhealthy mother named Anna.  My father was always overworked and underpayed.  When I was 2, he left the family and let me be.  My mother was not even one tiny bit nice, and she had  an interest in music.  The only nice thing she ever did to me was teach me how to dance from Grandpa Dave's footsteps.   I didn't go to pre-school, I sat at home learning how to clean and make tea.  On my 5th birthday she, because she couldn't afford it made me stop wearing pants.

Dr. Watterson: Oh my heavens!

Squidward:  When I turned 11, I basically became her maid.     Onece high-school started, I got a new bully: Squilliam Fancyson.  And now I have the most annoying neighbor and nobody realizes my beautiful artiste.

Dr. Watterson: Mr. Tentcales, my glasses need to be cleane this is the worst experience!

Dr.  Wattersons cleaned his glasses.

Dr.  Wattersons: What does the neighbor do?

Squidward: He comes into my house un-invited, asks too many questions, and is always trying to find a way to annoy me! HE EVEN HAS ANNUAL ANNOY SQUIDWARD DAY!


Squidward: (Looks at audience) No one wants SpongeBob as a neighbor.


  • Squidward broke the fourth wall.

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