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Squiddy Love
Series SpongeBob LovePants
Season 1
Episode 3a
Airdate February 3, 2013
Story by Rattus14
Written by Rattus14
Directed by Rattus14
Creative director(s) Rattus14
Technical director(s) IHeartSpongeBob
Supervising producer IHeartSpongeBob
Title card by Rattus14
Squiddy Love is the fifth episode of the spin-off series SpongeBob LovePants and aired alongside A Pal For Pat on February 3, 2013.


While browsing an art gallery Squidward falls in love with a complete female version of himself. While dating, Squidward brings Eros/SpongeBob along just in case things go wrong, and when Squidward emphasises on the size of her nose SpongeBob aims for her, missing, then hitting the waitress. They both fall in love instantly but Squidward's ex-girlfriend and Eros must break them up before things get bizarre!

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