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Squiddy Fairground
Series Spongopoly
Season 1
Episode 2
Airdate Wednesday 4th June 2015
Story by Kidboy
Written by Kidboy
Directed by Kidboy

Squiddy Fairground is the second episode of Spongopoly and the second episode of season one. In it, Squidward goes bankrupt and is forced to work at Snakes & Ladders Park.


After buying everything on the board but the apartment block, Squidward is forced to work at Snakes & Ladders Park.


  • Mr. Krabs
  • Gary
  • Sandy Cheeks
  • Jeff Monopoly
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Patrick Star
  • Squidward Tentacles
  • Bill
  • Sally
  • Harold SquarePants
  • Margaret SquarePants


  • Kidboy has mistaken the episode as Squiddy Playground many times.
  • This episode continues the scone running gag.
  • The second episode was originally gonna be Squid Do Time but was changed for an unknown reason.
  • If you live a gab between Come and dic it's pronounced Come D*ck.
  • While writing there was going to be a seen where Bill said Come and Sally said Dic. I think you can see why it was removed.
  • Originally Harold and Margaret were gonna get killed off by a falling car.


(Scene: Sandy's Treedome, Mr. Krabs is sitting at a picnic table with Gary. Sandy enters)

Mr. Krabs: Everything good?

Sandy: I guess.

Mr. Krabs: (Jumps up) Woohoo- (freezes in mid-air)

Sandy: (sobs) Just that there's no power! (cries)

Mr. Krabs: (cries and falls to floor) SpongeBob! COME BACK! (camera zooms out as the scene cuts to Monopolis)

Squidward: I own every building on the board! Sweet!

SpongeBob: Actually you don't own my and Patrick's apartment block. (camera pans to a hotel then zooms back)

Squidward: How can you both own something?

Patrick: We don't, Mr. Monopoly let us have rooms!

Squidward: WHAT?

Mr. Monopoly: I would've let you but by that time you already had got yourself a place!

Squidward: (sighs) At least I can still buy that old sweet shop.

Mr. Monopoly: That'll be two-hundred bucks.

Squidward: Let me have a look. (shuffles through left pocket) Wait- I'll check gold ol' righty! (shuffles through right pocket) Er..... I'm broke?

Mr. Monopoly: Lol!

Squidward: What's so funny!? (SpongeBob and Patrick laugh)

Mr. Monopoly: YOU LOSE!

Squidward: Does that mean I have to leave?!

SpongeBob: (giggles) No, you have to go to jail!

Squidward: WHAT?

Mr. Monopoly: Not exactly, (they stop laughing) there's a playground just down the road. You go up the ladder, and down the snake. You could work there.

Squidward: But where would I sleep?

SpongeBob: I've got a king size bed!

Squidward: Oh no. (faints)

SpongeBob: Does anyone have CPR in their contacts list?

Mr. Monopoly: Maybe we should have a scone.

(scene cuts to a playground, Squidward is outside with balloons)

Bill: Hey, who are you?

Squidward: Comedic the Sad Clown. (tear sheds)

Sally: Don't worry, maybe this board isn't right for you.

Squidward: This board?

Bill: Yes, you go up the ladder and down the snake.

Squidward: But I only work here.

Sally: Oh, (takes a balloon and walks off with Bill)

Squidward: (sigh)

(Scene cuts outside The Krusty Krab, it is covered in a metal blanket)

Mr. Krabs: We need better security.

Sandy: I guess but we have to bring SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward back!

Mr. Krabs: Yeah. But we can't just wave a magic wand and say "Bring Scones!" (Scones fall from the sky)

Sandy: Hey....

(scene cuts back outside the playground)

Bill: Hey Comedic! How much is an ice cream?

Squidward: I dunno, I just give out balloons!

(camera pans over to Patrick who is walking on with novelty glasses)

Squidward: Patrick?

Patrick: I'm not Patrick, I'm Scone.

Squidward: Patrick, that's a food.

Patrick: Oh right. Anyway, you seemed depre- depr- (he gets booted over to a bush)

SpongeBob: Well, that didn't go well.

(scene: SpongeBob's apartment room)

SpongeBob: (gets into bed) So, how was your first day of work?

Squidward: It was fine I guess.

SpongeBob: Are you getting payed to say that?

Squidward: No, you said- I forgot, it's first day of school.

SpongeBob: (coughs) So, how was your- (Squidward puts his hand over his mouth)

Squidward: Zip it, shrimp head. (gets into bed) Can't wait till pay day. Lights! (screen goes black, scene cuts outside the playground)

Sally: Hello, Comedic.

Bill: Tell us a joke!

Sally: Comedic?

Bill: Comedic? COMEDIC!

Squidward: Geez......

Sally: Comedic?

(Scene: outside The Krusty Krab)

Mr. Krabs: You sure about this?

Sandy: Nope.

Mr. Krabs: (sighs) BRING SpongeBob! (Margaret and Harold fall from the sky)

Sandy: Knew it. Scones?

(Scene cuts back to the playground, Squidward walks on with scratches on his face)

Patrick: Squidward.

Squidward: No Patrick. (walks inside the gate)

Patrick: Where are you going?

Squidward: To square one hundred.

Patrick: Why?

Squidward: Pay day is not until next week and I'm not sleeping with SpongeBob again!

Patrick: Oh. So what does that have to do with square 100?

Squidward: Square 100 means I win the game, if I win I'll be a millionaire! They pay you if you win, you know Patrick.

Patrick: I'm not Patrick, (puts on novelty glasses) I'm scone.

Mr. Monopoly: Patrick, where's Squidward going?

Patrick: Square 100.

Mr. Monopoly: For crying out loud! (his cane turns into a microphone) NO EMPLOYEES ON THE PLAY FIELD! I REPEAT, NO EMPLOYEES ON THE PLAY FIELD! (his cane returns to normal)

Squidward: (leaves playground) I'll just go and kill myself then.

Mr. Monopoly: What? Just take the money will ya! (his cane turns into a gun)

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