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Squid and the...?


SpongeBob SquarePants

Squidward Tentacles

Patrick Star

Mr. Krabs





Squidward is at work, sleeping on the job again. Mr. Krabs comes over and says that he is costing him money. Squidward says that it is his daily break. Mr. Krabs is not fooled and kicks Squidward out of the Krusty Krab. Squidward, at home is happy until SpongeBob and Patrick arrive at his house three hours later. Squidward is watching House Fancy and yells at them for ruining his peace. SpongeBob and Patrick ask Squidward for the remote and he says no. After that, Squidward says that the remote is glued to him. Patrick thinks he's faking, but Squidward literally glued the remote to him. Patrick rips the remote off Squidward. Squidward screams in pain. SpongeBob and Patrick watch a show called Fairy Unicorn Tales. Squidward says that Fairy Unicorn Tales is for girls ages 3-6. SpongeBob says that's crazy talk and destroys Squidward's TV. All the TV shows Squidward has watched come out and terrorize Squidward so much he jumps into his TV. He ends up in an endless dimension of nothing. In the Nothing Dimension, Squidward walks on and on and discoveres a yellow square rock and a pink star rock. The rocks terrorize Squidward when they come to life. Squidward screams in terror. The rocks are SpongeBob-2 and Patrick-2, who tell Squidward he is in the ?. Squidward asks what is a ? and S-2 says it is the dimension when annoyed squids get their TV broken. Squidward tells him that he needs to get home as soon as he can. But then S-2 says he wants to eat Squidward's brains forever! Squidward then realizes it was all a dream.

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