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Spongy Questions
New Logo
Created by Kidboy24
Original run Saturday 18th July 2015
Genre Spin-Off
Spin-off status Active
Writer(s) Good Ol' Whatshisname, Pigboy24

Calaz, Good Ol' Whatshisname

Plot creators YOU!
Title card creator(s) Calaz

Spongy Questions is a spin-off where SpongeBob answers your questions whether they may be personal or advice questions, he's always ready to answer! It was created by Pigboy but is now owned by Good Ol' Whatshisname as Pigboy made two new spin-offs. It was created on 18/07/15.


These appear most episodes:


  • S1-E1: Have you met Winnie the Pooh? - Aired Saturday 18th July 2015, SpongeBob answers your questions with Patrick, Gary and Squidward.
  • S1-E2: Do You Have A Favorite Video Game? - Aired Monday August 3rd 2015, Another short where SpongeBob, Squidward, and Patrick will answer your questons!
  • S1-E3: Do You Know Peter Griffin? - Aired August 28th 2015, this short makes fun of some of the writers and we learn something shocking about SpongeBob!
  • S1-E4: Have You Ever Watched Make it Pop? - Aired May 29th 2016, SpongeBob is apparently gay now, the show gets a crossover with Family Guy and Calaz has bad grammar! (Also, the first episode of 2016 after a long hiatus)
  • S1-E5: Can You Cancel This Show? - Aired June 7th 2016, Patrick stabs himself, JackHackers explodes and Squidward quits!
  • S1-E6: EHY UHE DO U LIK ME SPIN OFFE CULLED "SPOONDERAUMA" AND "PLTRRRR" DEY AREH GUUD BELIV MEH (Why did I choose this title?) - Aired June Something 2016, SpongeBob rewrites Goodnight Mister Tom, Calaz has bad grammar again and well... that's pretty much it. Oh yeah! And this episode get a freakishly long title with the show spelt incorrectly on it.
  • S1-E7: The Filler Episode - Aired August something 2016, SpongeBob gets tired of answering questions so he tries other jobs. He then realizes he sucks at everything so he goes back to questions. NOTES: This is the first episode under the new showrunner, Suds. And, this is not a question episode.
  • S1-E8: What if SpongeBob was Rich Again? - Aired August something 2016, The world explodes, and we learn what would happen if SpongeBob was rich!

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