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Created by Kidboy24
Original run Saturday 20th June 2015-Present
Genre Adventure
# of seasons 1/10
Starring 8.9 (Rotten Kelp)
Spin-off status Active
Directed by Kidboy

Spongopoly is a Spin-Off to SpongeBob SquarePants about SpongeBob, Squidward and Patrick getting stuck in a game of Monopoly. The series was created by Kidboy after finding his old SpongeBob Monopoly game.


The show revolves around SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward in a Monopoly-based city called Monopolis guided by both mayor and president, Mr. Monopoly. Meanwhile, strange things are happening in Bikini Bottom which now has no power...


  • Wumbo - Former Title Card Creator


  • SpongeBob - Tom Kenny
  • Patrick - Bill Faggerbakke
  • Squidward - Roger Bumpass
  • Sandy - Carolyn Lawrence
  • Mr. Krabs - Clancy Brown
  • Gary - Tom Kenny
  • Mr. Jefferson Monopoly- Geoffrey Rush
  • Prof. Plum - ???
  • Colonel Mustard - Travis Willingham
  • Timmy - Dee Bradley Baker


Post your reviews here! If the review is mostly bad make sure it is constructive criticism and not just 'The show sucks and everything around also sucks. Kidboy really is the worst at making spin-offs'.

  • Good but the next episode is to come out and that was September!

Won and Pending Awards

Year Award Category Result

Theme Song

While the song plays clips from various episodes are shown but muted.

Do you recall, not long ago

We would work at The Krusty Krab,

Pleasing customers,

All we did was give satisfaction.

It was my birthday

We were having fun

Suddenly, the power cut

Krabs brought out Monopoly

Roll the die, disappear

Everyone get your game on!

Roll the die, disappear

We need fish with their game on!

Roll the die, disappear

Everyone get your game on!

Roll the die, disappear

We need fish with their game on!

Other Names

  • French - Épongopole - Spongopoly
  • Spanish - Esponjapolio - Spongopoly
  • Japanese - ゲームスタート - Game On
  • Turkish - tekel Sünger - Monopoly Sponge
  • Welsh - Ysbwngopoli - Spongopoly
  • Albanian - Sfungjerpoli - Spongopoly
  • Filipino - Sponghapolyo - Spongopoly


Season One

Title Card # Title

"Monopolis" Saturday 20th June 2015
SpongeBob, Squidward and Patrick accidentally get sucked into a game of Monopoly after Patrick roles Sandy's new invention instead of the die in Monopoly.

"Squiddy Fairground" Wednesday 24th June 2015
After buying almost every building on the board and becoming bankrupt, Squidward is forced to work at Snakes and Ladders park.

"Newbies" Monday 6th July 2015
SpongeBob and Patrick have to teach 'noobs' the rules of Monopoly. But the 'noobs' never have been on a Monopoly board so it is easier said than done.

"KillerBob" Saturday 18th July 2015
SpongeBob is acused of homicide after a party at Dr. Lukewarm's mansion.

"My Stranded Life" Saturday 5th September 2015
After some idiot bombed a cruise ship, the gang find themselves stranded on a desert island. (NON CANON)

"Squid Do Time" Monday 7th September 2015
After landing on the go to jail square, Squidward is sent to jail and meets Geoff, Mr. Monopoly's mischievous and evil brother.

"Illuminati Confirmed" TBA
When SpongeBob and Mr. Monopoly find that Geoff has joined a strange new group turned over a new leaf, they jump to conclusions and investigate.

"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" TBA
When Geoff blasts Patrick into space, he ends up training his very own alien-like monster to battle. Realising the awesome warrior he has made, Patrick makes a run for it and attempts to use it to defeat Geoff.


Title Card # Title

"Battle Of The Matures" TBA
With SpongeBob and Patrick being gone for ages Squidward gets bored. Mr. Monopoly bets that he can't stand five minutes doing nothing but they soon find out that you're always doing something.

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