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Spongeymon: Patty & Chum
File:Spongeymon Indigo League.jpg
Created by Kidboy & Kidbro
# of seasons 2 (ordered)
# of episodes 40 (ordered)
Preceded by N/A
Followed by Spongeymon & Wool

Gotta catch them all

-The Tagline for the show

Spongeymon Patty & Chum is the reboot of Spongeymon: Indigo League. The episodes will have the same plot but since Indigo League only had one episode, Kidboy thought it'd be nice to start fresh. While Kidboy created the old version and will write this show, Kidbro thought of rebooting it.

Sign Ups/Workers

  • Kidboy - Creator/Writer
  • Kidbro - Creator/Short Term Writer


Season One

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