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 This Spin-Off is restarting. All episodes have been deleted.

Spongerstar Fortunepants is (was) a spin off created by Kidboy24. It is (was) a quiz show hosted by Patrick Star. The contestants have (needed) to answer questions about a topic (Created By SpongeBob) for a prize of $100,000. (I live in Europe but my pound sign is not working.)


We are not currently looking for staff. If you wish to sign up, please leave a comment below and a form will be shorted out shortly.

  • Kidboy24 (Creator 2014-Present)


  • If you would like to become manager for this Spin-Off ask me on my talk page.


Season One

"???" ???
Episode one. Who will get the fortune?
"Squidward vs Squilliam" ???
Episode Two.  Squidward is really keen to beat Squilliam. Who will get the fortune?

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