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Tv show.

SpongeBob vs. Timmy
First episode date
December 1 2015
First episode


SpongeBob and Timmy becomes best friends but when Mr. Krabs freaked out and yelled to SpongeBob about firing Timmy, SpongeBob agrees because if he did not he would be fired, and after Timmy went out of The Krusy Krab, he was so mad he went in and attacked Mr. Krabs, and then SpongeBob attacked Timmy and then SpongeBob and Timmy became enemies until when something bad happens further in the pilot episode. After the first episode when they became best friends, in the second episode when Cosmo got angry because SpongeBob would not feed him, he attacks SpongeBob but then SpongeBob throws Cosmo to the wall and then Timmy and SpongeBob became enemies and SpongeBob knew Cosmo and Wanda were his fairy godparents. In further episodes starting in episode 3 they were enemies throughout the show.