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Spongebob 3000
Created by Ph1n3a5and77
Original run Not aired yet
Genre Sci-Fi, comedy
# of seasons Estimated for 3
# of episodes Around 78
Spin-off status Pre-Production
Production company United Plankton

SpongeBob 3000 is a spinoff of SpongeBob SquarePants. It takes place in 3000, where SpongeBob takes a wrong way and gets stuck in the year 3000, finding new friends.


THIS  ARTICLE IS STILL NOT FINISHED. Come back for more fanon!


  • Applejack makes a speaking cameo in the pilot episode (Goodbye, Past!)
  • Gary has evolved into a talking snail, and was once a slug in the past.
  • Due to very strong ocean currents, many sinked ships harbor near Bikini Bottom.
  • Plankton appears frozen in the future, but gets thawed in the season finale.

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