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Sponge Bond


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Sponge Bond is a Spin-Off created by Kidboy24. It is based off the James Bond series and the real episode: Spy Buddies.


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  • Kidboy24

Theme Song lyrics

SpongeBob: Spys?

Patrick: I can see you through this straw.

SpongeBob: Patrick, were gonna be spys!


Season One

Title Card # Title

"It's Bond, Sponge Bond." Febuary 22, 2014
SpongeBob and Patrick find out that there going to be secret agents.

"Our Enemy Is A Bug?" Febuary 22, 2014
Sponge "Bond" and Pat "Bond" go to The Chum Bucket to return the secret formula to The Krusty Krab.

"A Squid's Clarinet" Febuary 24, 2014
Squidward steals Squilliams clarinet, sounds like a job for Sponge Bond.

"Night Shift" Febuary 24, 2014
Our agents need to put a robber in jail. Sounds easy? Not in the dark!

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