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SpongeToons Fan Mail


Release Date
July 23, 2014

SpongeToons Fan Mail is the twenty seventh episode of SpongeToons.


SpongeBob, Patrick and the SpongeToons crew are reading fan mail.


  • SpongeBob: Mail, mail, mail...
  • Patrick: ...and there's another junk mail
  • Luis: More bills...ughhh
  • TheITChap: When will we ever get fan mail?
  • Ghastlyop: I know... But look I've found one.
  • [Everyone gathers around and reads the fan mail.]

Dear Luis,

Your shows are great and of high quality especially SpongeToons. I hope to see more especially the newly announced Malaysian Independence Day special & Season 2 Finale! Let's see what season 3 has!

A Malaysian fan,


  • TheITChap: Nice! Someone from my country!
  • Luis: Hmm, let's see, uhh..... Bills
  • SpongeBob: Some kind of letter. 
  • [The letter is opened]

Dear Luis and the gang,

SpongeToons is awesome show and well thanks for the episodes man!

A Boston fan,


  • Ghastlyop: Awesome, I like you.
  • Luis: Meh, no one from my country.
  • TheITChap: Or is there?
  • [He is holding another letter]

Dear Luis,

Thank you for the wonderful show, only over here in the Philippines with the weather blocking the signals to the televisions, we don't really get all the episodes. But for you and the gang over there. Thank you.

A Philippine fan,


  • TheITChap: Wow, what really good fans.
  • [He looks around to see everyone except Ghastlyop who is typing on his computer]
  • Ghastlyop: I'm right here, you know. Writing the finale.
  • [Everyone goes to the computer and looks at the word document... It says "SpongeToons: Season 2, Episode 18 - The Last Of The Chum Lords transcript]
  • [episode ends]

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