Airdate: July 1, 2012
Writer(s): Islam4856
Storyboard Artist(s): Ponyo Fan
Supervising Producer: Esa6426
Main: Stephen Hillenburg
Storyboard: Austin D3X
Animation: Spongefan511
Creative: Jellyfishjam78
Technical: William Leaonard
G MPAA rating
Rated G - General Audiences

This article is rated G, meaning it is appropriate for all ages.


  • Jervis's Mother
  • Jervis's Brothers and Sisters


  • SpongePatWard (mix of SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward)
  • Robots
  • Bikini Bot (robot created by the robots) (cameo)
  • Bikini Bottomites (cameo)


SpongeBob and friends are in Jervis's Apartment, having a music party, when Patrick tells Squidward and SpongeBob to follow him. They go into Jervis's Lab, and while Jervis is absent, look at his machines. Squidward accidently touches a button that sucks all of them into a strange machine. They come out morphed together. Everybody sees them, and keep on trying to free them. Even Mr. Krabs could not, with all his strength, free them. Finally, Sandy and Jervis decide to summon King Neptune. Sandy shows them a book, which shows all of King Neptune's family fighting robots. The robots attacked with a Bikini Bot, but they defeated it. Neptune gained a power to re-morph objects. They summon Neptune, and he un-morphs them. But suddenly, everyone in Bikini Bottom gets morhed together. King Neptune mutters "Uh-Oh."

Trivia and Goofs

  • In the book, you can see all of Neptune's family fighting the robots.
  • Jervis's machine changes its appearance over the episode.
  • Running Gag: Patrick screams when somebody tries helping them.
  • Esa isn't actually part of Neptune's family, but she may become Triton's future wife, so that's why she was in the book.


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