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SpongeGone SquarePants
Created by Pigboy
Original run 2016-present
Opening theme Will The Light Shine?
Genre Comedy, Animated
# of seasons 1 (ordered)
# of episodes 15 (ordered)
Spin-off status Active
Directed by Pigboy
Writer(s) Pigboy
Creative directors Pigboy
Storyboard artist(s) Pigboy
Plot creators Pigboy
Producer(s) Pigboy
Supervising producer(s) Pigboy
Executive producers Pigboy
Production company King Pig Entertainment
Title card creator(s) Pigboy, Calaz

SpongeGone SquarePants, or simply SpongeGone, is a spin-off to SpongeBob SquarePants created by Kidboy24. It is about an alternative universe Bikini Bottom where SpongeBob never happened.


We all know Bikini Bottom. If I asked you who lived there I know you'd say SpongeBob. What if I told you SpongeBob never existed? You'd think the world could carry on without him and the truth is, it can. Having no SpongeBob might not be a big deal but with no SpongeBob nobody stopped anchovies from invading The Krusty Krab and Plankton stealing the formula. Patrick became depressed, unloved and Squidward actually became good at music. So you see, SpongeBob changes everything. -The official website.

Theme Song

The theme song is Will The Light Shine?

In a world of sadness, a world of depress,

To succeed you must try your best.

But when our hero is gone,

We can't just sing a song.


I'll be looking out my window night and day,

To get Krabby Pattys we'll have to pay.

Work hard, climb a vine.

To know if it'll shine.

Without him there's simply no hope.

Even if you're a stinky pope.

Squidward's song is fine,

When will the light shine?

again, again... again, again...

SpongeBob save us... light shine is a must...

Who lives...

In a pineapple...

I'll be looking out my window night and day,

To get Krabby Pattys we'll have to pay.

Squidward's song is fine,

When will the light shine?





Season One

Help Needed

Another day, another dollar. Today The Krusty Krab is seeking a fry-cook and Patrick applies. Due to SpongeBob's absence Patrick isn't the Patrick we all know. The restaurant suddenly booms up with anchovies and the restaurant explodes leading to Plankton retrieving the formula.

Fishy Tea

The events of Tea at The Treedome take place but with no SpongeBob. Sandy finds herself inviting Nat to the treedome.

Chum Depression

Tired of being a loser with no friends, Patrick seeks employment at The Chum Bucket.

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