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SpongeDream is a show by SuperFanonD. The show was originally meant to go onto Ultra Sponge Channel and be made by Ultra Sponge Productions, but instead was put on Star Car Entertainment and Star Car T.V  because SuperFanonD now worked for Star Car, as well as the fact Ultra Sponge went defunct after sudden bankruptcy. It was accepted to Star Car by Kidboy24 after SuperFanonD presented it to him on his blog page. The first season was picked up for an order of twenty episodes (38 segments and one special), and the show premiered on May 12, 2014. No plans for a second season have been made yet.


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SuperFanon'D - Creator, Writer


This is a list of episodes.

Season 1 Episodes

Title Card # Episode Title Airdate
"Sponge Dream" May 12, 2014
Sandy's machine accidentally causes the gang to be sucked into the dream dimension! Sandy tries to find a way out, but the others' dreams' stop her from doing so.
"Money Madness" May 31, 2014
Mr. Krabs dreams everything is made of money, but he realizes that money isn't everything.

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