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New Friends, New Enemies
Series SpongeBob TeenagePants
Season 1
Episode 1
Story by SnowflakesInWinter
Written by SnowflakesInWinter
Directed by SnowflakesInWinter
New Friends, New Enemies is the first episode of SpongeBob TeenagePants.


SpongeBob arrives at his new school, while singing the "Happy Place" song. When he gets inside, he bumps into some teenage fish. SpongeBob looks under the fish people's feet (under their butts) and crawls through. He sees four teenage fish strutting down the hallway. SpongeBob greets them, but one tells them that he is "a total loser", and the other one says "supreme dork champion". The third one says "dorkalicious maniac", and the final one says "maximum level for a maximum loser". The four precede to sing the "You Are a Dork" song. SpongeBob sprints away in embarrassment.

More coming soon...

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