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SpongeBob SquarePants: The Adventure is a video game released for the PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo Gamecube and Xbox.


SpongeBob and Patrick leave into a desert but become lost. They find a decaying town with little population. The leader of the town say that a giant beast called Dugamel has devoured nearly everyone in the town. SpongeBob and Patrick set off to destroy Dugamel. They find Dugamel and he picks SpongeBob and Patrick up and swallows them. SpongeBob and Patrick escape from Dugamel by bashing one of his teeth. Upon escaping and running to the town. Dugamel attacks the town and swipes SpongeBob and Patrick into the ground. There they find Deakariko Village, an underground full of creatures called Deakariko. SpongeBob and Patrick find out that the Deakariko want their help and they help them. They organise a plan to destroy Dugamel once and for all. SpongeBob and Patrick go to a village and say to the inhabitants to create booby traps. Dugamel attacks both villages but springs the booby traps. Dugamel runs and attacks SpongeBob and Patrick but dies form injuries. The village hail SpongeBob and Patrick as saviours. 


Reviews say the Game Boy Advance and the PlayStation 2 version is better.

This game is not set in Bikini Bottom.

Dugamel is huge, about 54 metres high.

The place to travel are:

Seabed Desert


Inside Dugamel

and Deakariko Village

Inside Dugamel is drastically changed in the Game Boy Advance version. Instead of the stomach acid being green, it is yellow. There are less hazards despite having a lot of hazards in the other versions.

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