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SpongeBob And Friends
Genre Comedy, Animation
Created by TrevorPhillips
Developed by TrevorPhillips
Aired September 21, 2014 - present
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes TBA
Production Company Computer Productions
Runtime 11 minutes

SpongeBob And Friends is the name of a spin-off created by TrevorPhillips. It is a continuation of the main series, but there is even more zany and fun adventures with your favorite seasponge and his friends!


Current employees for SB&F. For those who wish to work for the show, see below.


If you wish to receive a job position for Room Of Four, please place your name below the section "Entries" and the job you wish to have. After, prove to me on my wall that you are good enough to work for the show. If you are unsure of your options, please consider the section below.

Jobs Available:

  • Writer
  • Plot creator
  • Producer
  • Director
  • Creative director
  • Supervising producer/editor


Episode List

Season 1

Title Card # Title

"Plankton Gets The Formula!" September 21, 2014
One day, Plankton comes up with a plan to get the Krabby Patty formula. Karen approves the plan, and turns Plankton invisible. Plankton brings back the formula to the Chum Bucket. Meanwhile, Mr. Krabs is looking everywhere for the formula. The next day, Plankton is starting to sell Krabby Patties. Despite mass advertising, no one comes, because everyone thought they stole the Krabby Patty recipe from the Krusty Krab. Mr. Krabs soon finds out, gets the recipe back, and puts Plankton in a jar of mustard at the end.

"Game Or Shame?" September 22, 2014
Everybody in Bikini Bottom is anticipating the SeaStation 4 but Squidward. Squidward believed that video games were rotting everybody's brains. So, Squidward, angry with the people of Bikini Bottom, gives a speech about video games. No one but SpongeBob and Patrick attend. After that, SpongeBob and Patrick decide to help Squidward by putting posters to stop the SeaStation 4. Everybody gets sick of the posters, and they decide to chase Squidward down. Squidward then goes to the Barg'N Mart and decides to try playing one. Squidward becomes obsessed with it, and steals it before being forced to put it back.


If you have an opinion on the show, post yours here.


*September 13, 2014: TrevorPhillips announces his latest spin-off, SpongeBob And Friends

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