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SpongeBob: Time Travel
Created by Kidboy24
Original run September 12, 2014
Genre Education, Comedy, Action
# of seasons One
# of episodes 20 (ordered)
Spin-off status Active
Directed by Kidboy24
Writer(s) Kidboy24
Creative directors Kidboy24
Storyboard artist(s) Kidboy24
Plot creators Kidboy24
Producer(s) Kidboy24
Supervising producer(s) Kidboy24
Executive producers Kidboy24
Production company Star Car Entertainment
Title card creator(s) Kidboy24
Preceded by The Snails

SpongeBob: Time Travel is a spin-off to SpongeBob SquarePants and The Snails created by Kidboy24. It is about SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy receiving magic watches that take them back into time so they can get the secret formula back from Plankton that has been hidden in the past.


  • SpongeBob SquarePants - The leader of the group.
  • Patrick Star - SpongeBob's best friend and the gangs dummy.
  • Sandy Cheeks - The smarter of the three, she knows alot about the past.
  • Plankton - The evil genius that has hidden the secret formula in the past.
  • Squidward - The founder of the gang, he gets a watch later in the series.
  • Mr. Krabs - The group's biggest fan!
  • Randy - The groups support, he also gets a watch later in the series.
  • Miss Fish - Plankton's henchman, she also gets a watch later in the series.





Crew/Sign Ups

  • Kidboy24 as Writer, Producer, Title Card Creator, Plot creator, Director

Hi! I'm SpongeBob, I am the leader of The Watch Guys. Leave a message on Kidboy's talk page with an example of the work you do as the job you want. Jobs wanted:

  • Writers (Wanted)
  • Plot Creators (Wanted)
  • Title Card Creators (Wanted)


Season One 'Time Travel'

  • I Watch You Part One - Plankton has stolen the secret formula and has hidden it the the past! Luckily Mr. Krabs has a plan...
  • I Watch You Part Two - The group get their watches and travel to Ancient Greece.
  • Dinosaur Attack! - The group prepare for their journey to The Olympic Games, however they end up in the prehistoric ages!
  • Miss Fish and The Olympics - Now that Squidward has joined, the team go to the first Olympic games, with Miss Fish as their opponent!

Coming Soon

How We Got Santa - We see how Santa became the person he is today.

The King Who Rides On A Donkey - In this double length special, the gang see why we have Christmas.

No Man Pushes Roman - The gang go back to Roman Britain, to see how the Roman's lived.

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