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Sponge-Tron Insanity!
Created by FrostyBunchBlitz
Original run December, 2015 - March, 2018
Opening theme You're Not Gonna Survive This Town, Kid - Some Shitty Song by Some Shitty Singer
Genre Comedy

Black Comedy Cruel Humor

Format HD


# of seasons 20
# of episodes 4
Spin-off status Canceled
Directed by FrostyBunchBlitz

Sponge-Tron Insanity! is a SpongeBob spin-off created by FrostyBunchBlitz. It takes place 2000 years after Help Wanted and features Sponge-Tron dealing with social problems, finding a new job, finding a stray snail named Gary-Tron. It lasted for 20 seasons before ultimately being canceled. The final episode was never produced.

The series featured more darker plots in the first few seasons, however still retaining those kid friendly, classic SpongeBob vibes. In later seasons, the plots get darker than usual, losing that kid friendly tone. The final episode was planned to have Sponge-Tron die due to a chronic disease involving a snail bite. However, as stated earlier, it was never produced.

List of Episodes

1. Pilot

2. Kreepy Stories of the Krusty Krab-Tron!


  • This show is rated TV-12 on Cloud Network.

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