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Sponge-O-Holic is an episode from Season 10 that aired on June 12th, 2012 with its sister episode, The Human .


After Patrick breaks SpongeBob's refrigerator, SpongeBob goes to the mall to buy a new one. Just as SpongeBob is about to pay for a new fridge, he spots a nice looking oven and decides to buy it. Then, SpongeBob sees an amazing washer and dryer, so he buys them! But again, as SpongeBob is about to pay, he spots a huge plasma tv. SpongeBob is forced to buy it since it's so shiny. Eventualy, he finally runs out of money, forcing him to leave the store. Only one question remains, how will he carry all of his new appliances home? Patrick has the answer, and it's put some stuff in his mouth!




Frank (cameo character)



Octavius Rex



Howard Blandy



- The same cashier from To "Squarepants or Not To Squarepants" appears

- Howard Blandy can be seen buying an expensive TV

- Octavius Rex makes a rare cameo appearance

- The title "Sponge-O-Holic" is a reference to the phrase, "Shop-o-holic"

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